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Master Post

[sticky post] October 23rd, 2025 (09:33 pm)

Welcome one and all to my fanfic archive!  Here you'll find all sorts of things, but as I primarily write on as Patricia de Lioncourt and on Twisting the Hellmouth as PatriciaLouise, this place is very much still in the works.  However, I'm taking part in more and more challenges that have started here on LJ, so stay tuned!  I'll update this Master Post whenever I add something new to my journal, rest assured.  Meanwhile, check out below!


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One-Shot: Harry Potter: Fixing it: Zombification Bonus Round 2013

October 21st, 2013 (11:14 pm)

Title: Fixing It
Author: Patriciatepes
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Harry, Hermione, Voldemort (in a way)
Summary: The Dark Lord was supposed to be dead, and that he was… but this was not what anyone expected. Not at all. And the mystery was taking its toll on Hermione.
Word Count: ~1300
Original Prompt: 177. Harry Potter - any characters - Harry might have killed Voldemort for good this time, but the spell that killed him had a very unintended side-effect.
Author's Note: This is for the bonus round of zombi_fic_ation 2013. I'm also using this to fill my headache/migraine square for hc_bingo. I hope everyone enjoys!

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Art: Castlevania: Alucard, Maria, Lisa, Dracula, Death H/C

October 1st, 2013 (12:13 am)

Author: Patriciatepes
Title: In Between
Fandom: Castlevania
Prompt: Trapped between realities
Medium: Art; wallpaper
Wordcount: N/A
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Done for my 2013 hc_bingo card square, trapped between realities. Basically, I'm using the concept of Alucard being the half-blooded vampire that he is. The comfort eventually coming in the form of the love he has known, despite the darkness within him.
Disclaimer: I don't own Castlevania or the images used here. I used a fiery texture from Muffet1 and the mosaic texture from Chamberstock and the brush used was by Ewanism

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Fic: In a High, High Tower (4/?)

September 23rd, 2013 (01:35 am)

Author Name: Patriciatepes (Patricia de Lioncourt )

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: PG-13 (for Now)

Characters: Daphne Allen, Crowley, Castiel, Meg, Dean, Sam, Kevin Tran, and necessary OCs

Pairing: Crowley/Daphne, Castiel/Meg, past Daphne/Castiel

Chapter Links: Prev | Next

Warnings: Hints of torture, sexual situations, light torture… more might be added later depending on how dark I want to take this

Summary: AU Past Parts of SPN S8. Daphne Allen is a saint… and saints are rare creatures. Saints have many powers, useful to both angels… and to demons. Saints can hear the angels speak, their blood can be used for many things, and they have a sight for things that normal humans do not. And, more importantly, saints have the power to redeem a soul. In order to ensure her family's safety, Daphne makes a deal with Crowley—one year of usage of her saintly powers with no arguments, and no interferences.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related characters. They belong to Kripke. No money made here.

Author's Notes: Just a couple of things here right off the bat. First off, I will have multiple points of view. However, for the majority of the fic, it will be through Daphne's eyes. Also, I did a Hard R-rated fic that had a similar setting to this one… what can I say? I just love this setting. But I'll be spanning this one's view out a little bit more. Also, I know this chapter is a bit long… but I had to cover the flashback. I know that it could've been a story in and of itself, but I feel that the rest of this story is the more interesting bit. And the rating may rise in later chapters.  Also, I'm still way behind on posting things here on LJ... I'll catch up, I swear.  Art by the wonderful twisted_slinky. Also, since Season 8 has ended, I'd just like to note… SPN keeps backing up my fandom brain. Some of the concepts that will appear in this story will seem very similar to the concepts that appears in the latter episodes of the season… this was accidental, but made this fangirl very happy.

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Nobody Here But Us Humans: Prize Fic for Of_Nightingales

September 19th, 2013 (12:04 am)

Title: Nobody Here But Us Humans
Author: Patriciatepes
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Meg/Castiel, Sam, Dean
Summary: Post SPN S8. Meg considers finally telling Castiel about how she feels… as she hangs out outside his door.
Word Count: ~1700
Author's Note: This was written as a prize fic for of_nightingales for her 2nd place win over at spnpairingbingo. I hope she enjoys what I've written for her! And I apologize for the wait. I had a great time writing this!


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Update 09/10/2013!

September 10th, 2013 (01:18 pm)

So, I think twisted_slinky has probably sung this from this rooftops here on LJ, lol, but if anyone out there is wondering why I've seemed to have disappeared from the face of the planet--i.e. haven't turned in any challenges stuff in a while--it's because on Aug. 29th, I gave birth to my son--and my first child--Connor.  I'm so super excited to be a mom--and sometimes, I still can't believe it.  But, during the labor, my son--in his eagerness to join the world--tore out of me... literally.  I bled a lot, so much so that my husband got pretty scared that he was going to lose me.  I was kept an extra day in the hospital so they could give me a blood transfusion and try to get my cell count up.  When it evened out--still low, but didn't lower--they let me out, but I'm now on an iron supplement that I have to take twice a day.

And as if that wasn't enough to tire me out, I also have a newborn, lol.  So, sleep feels like this to me lately:

And, furthermore, starting about two weeks before I gave birth, I began to have a bad flare up in my already-existing carpal tunnel, and had a Novocaine-like numbness in my thumb, index finger, and middle finger of my left hand.  It continues, and I'm really hoping that it'll go away soon enough.  As I typed elsewhere today, just writing this journal is requiring a level of concentration that I haven't had to use since I first started to learn how to type.  So writing's a bit like Dean_i_cant
But I haven't forgotten about my challenges, I swear!  I'm going to try to get my hand to function at some point tomorrow--not today, I'm tired, lol--so that I can work on them.  I know I owe one to spn_bigpretzel and another to villainbigbang.  Not to mention working on a couple of bingos.  Also not to mention my non-challenge-related fanfics. And the fact that I want to start writing for Yahoo! Voices... which used to be Associated Content, for those wondering.  Oh, oh, and my original fiction.


P.S.--I don't own any of these gifs

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

My SPN Pairing Amnesty Challenge Square

July 10th, 2013 (09:07 pm)

Yes, I know I'm one of the mods.  Yes, I know that I'm not doing this for anything but more fandom writing.  Yes, I know I still have to complete an amnesty bingo off my original SPN pairing card... but damn it, if this Crossover Challenge doesn't sound like fun!  See this post on spnpairingbingo if you'd like to play along!  Here's my square!

Crowley Anna
Kevin Meg

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

One-Shot: Harry Potter: Venom: Zombification 2013

June 26th, 2013 (12:25 pm)

Title: Venom
Author: Patriciatepes
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Hermione
Length: 2,582
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post Deathly Hallows, slightly AU
Warnings: None
Prompt: 172. Harry Potter - Snape/ Hermione - Nagini's bite didn't entirely kill Snape. But how can she remove the curse without making his death permanent?
Summary: Hermione knew that Nagini's bite wasn't the end… at least, not yet it wasn't.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any related character.
Author's Note: I really hope that whomever wrote this prompt likes what I've given them. I adore this ship, but I'm afraid I didn't get to the shippy-ness enough… if that makes sense. Even still, I still hope it's a good story that you can all enjoy! Written for zombi-fic-ation 2013 and for my hc_bingo, severe/life-threatening illness. Also, I'm a day late posting this, and I apologize. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and my stomach decided it was going to explode on me. Not pretty.

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One-Shot: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Following the Trends: Zombi-fic-ation 2013

Title: Following the Trends
Author: Patriciatepes
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters/Pairings: Spike, Buffy, Angel
Length: 1,639
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Post Buffy and Angel's final seasons… doesn't follow the comics, save for a few ideas plucked here and there.
Warnings: Light zombie-related violence
Prompt: 080. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Spike/any or gen - vampires vs zombies. It's a messy old world.
Summary: When Buffy and Angel went to find where, exactly, Spike had gotten to for the last year or so… this was the last thing they expected.
Author's Note: This story is just meant to be a funny little thing, written for zombi_fic_ation 2013.  Actually, I sort of, accidentally, chose the same two fandoms to write for as I did last year... and accidentally did the same genre for said fandoms as I did the year before.  Life's funny like that, huh?  Hope you enjoy!

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Smalltrolven's Prize: Story Banner

June 21st, 2013 (01:38 pm)

So, over at spnpairingbingo, we had a tie for third place.  Winners got to choose between points, a fic, or an art prize, and smalltrolven wanted art for one of her stories.  So I hope she likes the banner I did for her Jody/Bobby story--which was great.  Go read.

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