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Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Manip Credit Post

[sticky post] July 25th, 2015 (04:11 am)

Came across this idea while looking at icons from character20n20.  Thought it was pure genius--and oh, so simple.  Anyway, I'll be replacing my "masterpost" with this as the sticky at the top of my journal because, well, this will be more necessary and we all know I'm never gonna catch up on that masterpost anyway.  This will probably grow and grow.


Font Credit

I pretty much get all my fonts from Dafont.  If you want to know the name of a particular font I've used, please just comment on said entry and I'll happily tell you.

Brush Credit
I use brushes from the following people (all on deviantart; same rules here, want to know a specific brush, ask and I shall tell):

BhBear06 | Project-GimpBC | Graffika | Ewanism | Rubina119 | Coffinkittie | LiZnReSources | redheadstock | ladyorion | Kowaresou | Butterphil | paranoidstock | kabocha |

Object Credit
I use various object stocks from the following people (deviantart; ask for specifics):

shd-stock | AllicornUK | Greenchyldes-stock | Stock-by-Dana | 1purplepixie | mellowmint | majnouna | anettfrozen | juliazip | cedarseed | Tigers-stock | fune-stock | adagem | BmAstock | Zememz | justiej | FairieGoodMother | RX-stock | elly05 | cendredelune | lured2stock | Sophie-Y | AshenSorrow | Cardboard-stock | jaded-reflection | cathorse-stock | bSakura-stock | mmp-stock | stock-juggla | syccas-stock | PiXasso79-Stock | frozenmistress |

Model Credit
I use model stock from the following people (deviantart; comment for specifics):

faestock | Livyer | HiddenYume-stock |

Non-Standard Pattern Credit
I use non-standard patterns from the following people (deviantart; comment for specifics):

iceytina | Fuesousha-Kinoko | Asphyxiate-Stock | Jedania | Zilly-The-Jellyfish |

Texture Credit
I use textures from the following people/places (comment for specifics):

texturepalace | Expose42 | anamcr | Roald-Amundsen | Kioky-Chan | xnienke | R2krw9 | darkrose42-stock | PariahRisingSTOCKS | raregirl86 | FantasyStockScabeater | Diegosack | Shaedsofgrey | yunyunsarang | kuschelirmel-stock | VampyreGoddess | Yeonseb | muffet1 | chamberstock | resurgere | Ayelie-stock | inconditionally | Cloozy | hellotherelily | Al-Batal | mysteria-dl | redwolf518stock | haircurl | inthename-stock | Sirius-sdz | Insan-Stock | Extince | VanillaStitches | Laura2905 | rosebfischer | iPeace-zxc | hoochystank | Frostbo | SweetExcerpt | L0KA | olbrushes | amehstar | FallOutGirl9001 | Lyotta | Frozenstocks | kycsolomon | SilvieT-Stock | LadyAmdis | Exposethebeauty | Volfurem | AshenSorrow | MxM-Stock | Patriciatepes (that's me!) | Tigers-stock | zoeil | wordsrioting | AF-studios | AboveVintage | erykucciola-sToCk | WanderingSoul-Stox | Wickedjess | Peace-of-Art | JRMB-stock | caffeine2 | jazzeri | mesash | TheMarchello |

Premade Background Credit
I use premade backgrounds from the following people (deviantart; comment for specifics):

Ashensorrow | E-DinaPhotoArt | SamKross-Stock | PuckRietveldStock | EveLivesey | stocks-by-manaXmomo | Sheckler05 | poison-stock112 | ro-stock | NV-stock | Enchanted-stock | FoxStox | Mind-Matter |

Gradient Credit
I use non-standard gradients  from the following people:

el-L-eN |

Curves Credit
I use presets of the curves function on GIMP from the following people:

SilayanneStock | JeanFan | StarbucksFun |

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Supernatural Icons: Castiel

October 15th, 2015 (03:30 pm)


Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or the images used here.  Credit for textures, brushes, etc. used can be found at my spiffy Manip Credit Post.

Note:  So I signed up for character20n20 again, and chose Castiel as my character this time (with Tyrion Lannister as my second choice).  My carpal tunnel has been giving me hell, so I apologize for my AC set.  My heart wasn't really in them, so I can't really judge how they turned out.  Also, I know my "sexy" was a bit unorthodox, but twisted-slinky and I have both, long ago, agreed that this was one of the hottest scenes in the show.  ...There may be something wrong with us.  Lastly, I'll be skipping iconing next month in favorite of participating in NaNoWriMo.  If anyone out there is also participating and looking for buddies, I'll happily add you!  My name over there is PatriciaLouise.

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Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

So, This Was Going Around

October 8th, 2015 (06:37 pm)

Did this one, and I gotta say, I think the top five are pretty accurate.  Meg and Abaddon need to be reversed, I think.  And maybe Rowena and Charlie.
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Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

New Comm Promote!

October 4th, 2015 (10:21 am)

I've started a new comm, and it's opening December 1st!  Click the links for details!


Rules | Sign-Ups | FAQ

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Icons: Female 20n20

September 10th, 2015 (03:24 pm)

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, any related characters, or the images used here.  For credit for the various brushes, textures, etc. used, please visit my Manip Credit Post.
Note:  Some of these I'm very proud of... and some, not so much.  I did these for females20in20, using the girls of the Buffyverse.  Included in this set are: Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, Dawn Summers, Drusilla, Faith Lehane, and Anya Jenkins.

Icons Below CutCollapse )

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]


September 7th, 2015 (10:10 pm)

My fellow mod, twisted_slinky, and I intend to open this puppy up a little early this year, sometime in early October.  So, keep an eye out!  We'll be updating the sign-up thread and character list soon!

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Icons: Dawn Summers

September 7th, 2015 (09:04 pm)


Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or the images used here.  Credit for textures, brushes, etc. used can be found at my spiffy Manip Credit Post.

Note:  So I signed up for character20n20 again, and chose Dawn as my character this time.  I think I'm getting better at icons, but that really is up to the viewer, so view away!  Also, "full body behind" doesn't seem to exist--in decent quality, anyway--for my character, so I did the best I could for that one.  Some alternates are below!

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Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Gonna Do It

September 4th, 2015 (07:54 pm)

So, yeah... I'm probably gonna sign up as an artist for this:

Sign ups open September 6th - September 26th

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

Hi, I Might Have a Problem...

September 2nd, 2015 (09:52 am)

Yeah, so... despite it being due and everything around my busiest time of year, I signed up as a writer for this:

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Join me?  Also... I'm thinking of starting a new comm.  Tentatively, I think I'll call it "31 Days of Fandom."  Inspired by twistedshorts August Fic-a-Day, I thought, "Why just August?"  So, each month of the year with 31 days will have a theme.  These will vary.  It will mostly allow several different forms of fanworks (fic, art, etc.) except for a few special months which may only ask for one kind.  It will be open fandom, again, except for a few special months.  And, for each 31 days, you must make one post a day with some sort of fanwork for that theme.  If you do all 31 days, you'll get a banner at the end.  If you do more, we'll do an honorable mention.  If you don't finish... well, at least that's more wonderful works for your chosen fandoms out there.  What does everyone think about this idea?  I'm testing the waters.

Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

MASTERPOST: Bedroom Hymns: Supernatural

Title: Bedroom Hymns
Author: Patriciatepes (Patricia de Lioncourt @ fanfiction.net )
Summary:Beginning of SPN S6. After the Apocalypse was beaten, free will was realized as a new concept to the angels. But, for Naomi, the concept is one that she has no way of grasping. At least, not without the newly crowned King of Hell’s help.
Artist: twisted_slinky
Characters/Pairings: Naomi/Crowley, Raphael, mentions of Castiel, Necessary OCs
Rating: NC-17
Warning: (For complete, whole story) Explicit language, sex, minor bloodplay, minor knifeplay, minor breathplay, doggystyle, oral sex, anal sex, masturabation
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related characters. That all belongs to Kripke. I'm just playing in his backyard for a little while. Images in the art aren't mine either, in case you were wondering.
Author's Notes: Written for 2015's het_bigbang as well as for my hc_bingo square, forced to rely on enemy/rival. The title was inspired by Florence + The Machine's song of the same name, with some of the division names coming from lyrics of that lovely, lovely song!

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