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Patricia de Lioncourt [userpic]

My SPN Pairing Bingo Card!

December 1st, 2012 (07:09 pm)

Yes, I'm participating in my own comm's bingo game.  But I'm only playing for the heck of it, not for the prizes.  My co-mod made me a great card!  Check it out underneath the cut, and let me know if anyone has any ideas for what you want to see!

Lilith / CrowleyAnna/ CastielCrowley/ Daphne AllenDean/ JoSam/ Lenore
Tessa/ CastielSamandiriel/ MegDean/ MegCastiel/ RachelCrowley/ Jo
Castiel/ Crossover CharacterDean/ Amy PondWILD CARD Sam/RubyDean/ Crossover Character
Castiel/ Daphne AllenCrowley/ Bela TalbotDean/EveSam/Jody MillsCastiel/ Meg
Castiel/ Lisa BraedenDean/Linda TranBen Braeden/ Krissy ChambersBobby/ Jody MillsCrowley/ Crossover Character